Avengers: Infinity War - 10 Worst Things Thanos Ever Did In The Comics

1. Thanos Rules All

Marvel Comics

With the Gauntlet in his position, Thanos is truly invincible, and to show just how beastly he is, he embarks on a mission to wipe out the Avengers one by one.

Everybody tries to take down the mad Titan with many perishing in battle. Heavyweights such as The Thing and Hulk are wiped out. Iron Man stands no chance. Thor bites the bullet by having his entire body turned into glass and Cyclops is killed by having his head sensationally encased in a cube of crystal.

But his murder of Captain America is particularly brutal. Steve Rodgers tries to make a stand by insisting that Thanos can be beaten, but as soon as the words leave him, the mad Titan destroys his shield and kills him with just a single, albeit extremely powerful, punch.

Thanos’ cold murderous spree was definitely his worst act of the lot. And Avengers fans can expect him to be at his evil and brutal best when Infinity War hits screens.


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