Avengers vs X-Men: What's Next For Scott Summers?

Mutant Leader

All new X-men The activation of the new mutants across the world leaves the Marvel Universe with a dilemma. Not all mutants will want to reveal themselves and those that have will likely be met by fear and force. Who will protect these new mutants? Wolverine has the Jean Grey School for Learning but what of those mutants who do not wish to go to the school or be apart of the teaching staff? Cyclops could use the remainder of the Extinction team to act as the basis for a group previously affiliated to Magneto. The Brotherhood of Mutants. Rather than act like terrorists, they could be the protectors of mutant-kind. With Magneto and Emma Frost by his side, Cyclops has powerful allies and they could use this to ensure that mutants across the world are protected and looked after, potentially by any means necessary. I can happily imagine Cyclops and the Brotherhood breaking various international laws to go in and take mutants to add their ranks. The similarities between this and Magneto's Brotherhood from the X-Men would be deliberate and this would likely cause Scott to be elevated to a messiah-like figure within the mutant community. Something that is bound to cause conflict with Wolverine...
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