Batman: Arkham Insurgency - 10 Villains That Must Be Included

10. Clock King

Warner Bros.

William Tockman was actually the subject of an easter egg in Arkham Knight, having owned a store (canonically) in that universe called 'Tockman's Antiques'.

And while that wee reference alone isn't enough to sell his inclusion for another Montreal prequel, the character's appearances in Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League and many other comics certainly do, with Alan Rachins' performance as the character having established a brilliant candidate for the role should he get the gaming treatment.

More importantly, however, is the villain's abilities, which are complimented by a suitably goofy aesthetic. Tockman (as the name would suggest), is a big fan of time, so much so that he can keep track of it like no other human and, apart from it serving him well in the pun department, it comes in handy when the going gets tough. In his first appearance on BTAS, the character was able to escape Batman by catching the right train, and he ensured the Suicide Squad successfully disabled the Watchtower by sticking to his very rigid schedule.

While that very serious attempt to hype him up has, for all intents and purposes, probably failed, Clock King would be a fine addition to the Arkhamverse. Give Batman some heists to foil, whether it be Bruce, Damian or Dick, and he'd be a surefire side-mission in the waiting.

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