Batman: Ranking The Robins From Worst To Best

9. Helena Wayne

Also more famously known as Huntress, Helena Wayne was the daughter of the Batman and Catwoman from Earth 2, combining the best traits of both of her parents to become a great hero in her own right. Inevitably, because she's also a member of the Bat-family, her upbringing includes tragedy, as both of her parents are killed off. This all happens in the Post-Flashpoint Earth 2 continuity, where she starts out as Robin to her father's Batman - the only one in that universe - before her mother is killed in crossfire and her father is killed along with Superman and Wonder Woman during an attempted Apokoliptian invasion. Just as the Earth 2 Supergirl forges a new identity as Power Girl, this Robin abandons her original title and becomes Huntress, making her time spent under the green mask a comparatively brief affair.
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