Batwoman Trailer Reactions: 3 Ups & 4 Downs

2. The Representation

Batwoman trailer Kate Kane Sophie Moore
The CW

You have to hand it to The CW, when it comes to representation they really do, as they like to put it, dare to defy. Batwoman isn't just going to be one of the few female-led superhero dramas on TV, it's the first-ever time a lesbian superhero will headline her own, well, anything and that's nothing short of groundbreaking.

Granted, we knew all this information before the trailer was released, but it's still awesome to see this amazing character's story finally come to life on screen.

It's the kidnap of former lover Sophie Moore that prompts Kate to take to the streets as Batwoman and, in doing so, allows the writers to explore the relationship that the pair had during their time in the military. Furthermore, as the trailer alludes to, they will also tackle how that relationship presumably led to her discharge (which is also in line with what happened to Kate in the comics).

Having already introduced the world to a number of gay and bisexual superheroes, the Arrowverse has pushed a lot of boundaries since its inception and, one look at the Batwoman trailer will tell you that its clearly getting ready to push some more.

Keep defying, CW!

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