Black Widow: 10 Insanely Dark Moments That Won’t Be Used

10. Most Of Her Early Run

Marvel Comics

While there is so much right with Black Widow's early days, there is also so, so much that needs to be dodged in any form of MCU film adaptation.

Natasha Romonoff has suffered on and off from a mixture of terrible characterisation - in no small part influenced by the fact she was a Russian character being written by Americans during the Cold War - and the general questionable moments that many female characters unfortunately experienced during the growing pains of comics.

Even when looking at Black Widow's time from the beginning of the MCU to their most recent film, you can tell far more effort has been placed into making her a more three-dimensional character, and this effort would be totally wasted were some of her past hysterical, continually lovelorn comic self to reappear.


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