Blade Returns To The MCU: Mahershala Ali Cast!!!

The Daywalker is back but Wesley Snipes is not...

Blade Marvel
Marvel Studios

After years of Wesley Snipes campaigning for a return of the Daywalker to Marvel films after Marvel Studios picked up the rights to the character, we're finally getting a Blade project in the MCU. Sadly for Snipes, he won't be the title character.

Though there's no date set (and no concrete confirmation on whether it's a movie or a TV show for now), Kevin Feige used his Steve Jobs-like "oh and one more thing" slot at the end of the company's SDCC panel to introduce Mahershala Ali onto the stage. He's set to take over Snipes' swords as the new MCU Blade, which is about the most exciting bit of casting news of the entire weekend.

Rather wonderfully, the Luke Cage star (who played Cottonmouth in the Netflix show, somewhat confusing canon matters), came out and donned a Blade cap as the crowd went wild and we then got a reveal of the logo.

In the wake of the news that Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness will be a horror movie, this is the perfect way to herald the new spooky arm of the MCU. Now, let's hope they have the balls to announce Marvel Zombies too...

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