Captain Marvel: 10 Comics You Must Read Before The Film

Make Mine (Captain) Marvel!


For ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been waiting. Waiting for its Captain Marvel. Waiting for its first female-led movie. Waiting for its Carol Danvers.

Following the events of Infinity War, with the Avengers (and universe) in quite the pickle, her time has finally come. Captain Marvel is on her way. Her way back, rather, if the nineties setting is anything to go by.

In anticipation of the Captain's MCU debut, here we look at ten of the most notable Captain Marvel books, taking in two main iterations of the character - Mar-vell - the Kree Superman - and Colonel Carol Danvers, the current holder of the mantle. No, nothing to do with that 'Shazam' guy from DC, then.

A stockpile of graphic novels, comics and trade collections, these ten Captain Marvel books should serve as a sweet jumping-on point for those interested in the character, and maybe even provide some insight into what we can expect from the Captain Marvel movie and her involvement in Avengers 4. By the end of it, Thanos might even find himself wishing that he'd been disappeared in the big snap - it'd certainly save him from a beating.


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