Crisis On Infinite Earths: Kevin Conroy To Appear As LIVE ACTION Batman

Dreams do come true!

Crisis on Infinite Earths Kevin Conroy
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Proving that 2019 is the year for incredible superhero crossovers, The CW's next Arrowverse crossover - Crisis on Infinite Earths - has just recruited another comic book legend to add to its ranks.

Seemingly not content with having Brandon Routh as the Kingdom Come Superman, Burt Ward in an unknown role and potentially even Linda Carter and Tom Welling as well, the network announced during Television Critics Association press tour (via The AV Club) that Kevin Conroy - the legendary voice actor who's portrayed Batman in dozens of animated projects - will also appear as an aged Bruce Wayne.

Further details surrounding Conroy's role are still forthcoming, but the actor - who many consider to be the definitive version of the Caped Crusader - took to Twitter over the weekend to confirm his appearance, and join fans showing their excitement.

For longtime fans of the DC Animated Universe, this moment has been a long time coming. Conroy captured the dichotomy of Bruce Wayne and his vigilante alter ego perfectly in Batman: The Animated Series, reprising the role to repeat success in shows like Batman Beyond, Justice League, and later in Rocksteady's seminal Batman: Arkham video games. It's sort of wild he hasn't been given the opportunity to be a live action Batman until now.

Either way, fans have plenty to look forward to this December. Conroy's involved, and with the prospect of further cameos to come - including some from Black Lightning - the Arrowverse keeps on finding ways to delight DC's hardcore. Here's hoping it all comes together later in the year.


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