DC Extended Universe: 10 Post-Justice League Predictions

More heroes, new villains and infinite Earths.

DC Comics

The DC Extended Universe is about to reach a major milestone. When Zack Snyder's Justice League lands later this year, it will make the first time the iconic superhero team has joined forces on the big screen. Excited yet?

Okay, so Warner Bros has fast-tracked the assembly process in a bid to wrestle the limelight from Marvel's Avengers, but seeing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the gang unite will hopefully be thrilling nonetheless.

The ensemble movie could well be a game-changer for the DCEU, a seismic event that twists its very fabric and alters its status quo, something DC has done several times in its comic books in recent years.

Anyone familiar with DC lore will have spotted signs that this is the case. That red sky overhead in the Justice League trailers is the harbinger for Multiverse madness.

Warner has already announced a slate of films that will follow Justice League to cinema, and between the DCEU's comic book source material, the footage released seen so far and a handful of leaks, fans already have an idea about what's to come....


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