DC Reveals Which Flash REALLY Is The Fastest Man Alive

That's the book closed there, then.

Flash War Wally Barry
DC Comics

DC has had so much going on in 2018, from Dark Nights to Doomsday Clocks to Bat-Cat weddings, but one event that everyone should be paying attention to is Flash War, written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Howard Porter. It's a proper Flash story through and through, and the event having teased a potential return to the pre-Rebirth and New 52 continuities early on, it's benefited from a heightened profile in recent months.

It's proven to be a pivotal moment in the character's history, coming at a time where DC Rebirth attempted to make amends for one particular Flash's absence (Wally West) in the preceding reboot. With Wally and Barry Allen positioned against each other in this run - Wally attempting to recover his family from the lost timeline, and Barry attempting to ensure he isn't manipulated and causes lasting damage to the time-stream - it's served as a fun nod to the age old debate of which Flash is better: Wally, or Barry?

While the comic dares not side on either position, it does illustrate just how missed Wally was during the New 52, and after confirming yet again that the Flash is faster than Superman in an earlier issue, Flash #50 finally settles which Flash is the fastest of all, while providing a solid love-letter to one of DC's most enduring mantles.

While in the pursuit of an increasingly powerful Hunter Zolomon (Zoom), Wally and Barry are failing in the race to catch up to him. The former Kid-Flash begins to doubt that it can be achieved, before Barry reminds him of his past success in a race between the pair. Wally won because of his love for the Speed Force, so the second Flash says, and it proves to be the key in unlocking his full potential.

Flash Wally Barry Race
DC Comics

It's a significant moment, not least of all because it reiterates the bond between the two characters in spite of all that's happened in the last few years. It's also a bonus for fans of Wally in particular, as confirmation of his speed finally provides closure on one of the biggest debates DC's ever seen.

At the end of the comic, Barry even cedes the title of 'Fastest Man Alive' to Wally, rubber-stamping West's new place in DC Continuity and reminding everyone, perhaps, why he should have a comic of his own too.

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