DC Universe: What Comics To Read Before It Releases

The DC Universe may have impressed so far, but these graphic novels absolutely will.

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So far, the trailers released featuring the DC Universe’s new shows, namely the Titans, haven’t exactly resonated with the majority of fans, the preview of the show clearly not seeming to have captured the essence of what made fans fall in love with these characters in the first place.

As well as previously released films and TV shows, there are also several exclusive DC originals slated to appear on the new streaming platform, such as the aforementioned Titans; plus the Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn and the third season of the excellent, animated series: Young Justice.

With the many hours of content these characters will likely appear in and WB’s previous track record when it comes to their DC properties (see Justice League, Batman Vs Superman, or Suicide Squad), there is a worringly high chance that these cherished characters will be messed with, as already evidenced by the Titans.

Yet, while the previews for DC’s upcoming shows may not have particularly excited fans, these stellar graphic novels definitely will, as these books depict the characters at their original comic book best, rather than their streaming service worst.

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