DC Unveils HUGE New Legion Of Super-Heroes Comic

Get ready for something special.

Legion of Super-Heroes
DC Comics/Ryan Sook

Between Doomsday Clock, Event Leviathan, The Green Lantern and the upcoming Jimmy Olsen comic, DC are on something of a roll at the moment. Excitement is high, the comics are great, and things could now be about to get even better, with DC having revealed to ComicBook.com yesterday that now a new Legion of Super-Heroes comic is on the way.

Writer Brian Bendis is currently writing Superman, Action Comics, and several series from Wonder Comics, but he's now set to turn his sights to the Legion, DC's premier futuristic super-team whose continuity is somehow more confusing than the X-Men's. Bendis had previously teased something to do with 'DC Millennium' throughout the week, and it looks as though it has everything to do with the Legion.

Bendis' book will be all about the future, or more specifically all the many futures featured in DC continuity. Artist Ryan Sook will join him for the ongoing Legion series releasing later in the year, while artists Jim Lee, Jim Cheung, Nicola Scott and Dustin Nguyen will team up with the writer to revisit OMAC (a beloved Jack Kirby creation), Kamandi (another beloved Jack Kirby creation), and Booster Gold (just a generally beloved DC creation) in Millennium specifically. Batman Beyond will be involved too, so naturally it looks - and sounds - like the bee's knees.

Legion of Super-Heroes Batman Beyond
DC Comics/Dustin Nguyen

For those not clued-in on the Legion, here's a brief overview. The team were introduced by Otto Binder and Al Plastino in 1958 as a super-team from the 30th and later 31st centuries. They've been re-tooled, revamped and just generally rebooted more times than mainstream DC continuity itself, but Superboy - in this case the young version of Kal-El - and Supergirl both tend to be involved in their stories. Time-travel is a constant concern, while the Legion themselves tend to fend off against the Fatal Five.

The first issue of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium releases September 18.


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