DCEU: 10 Superhero Films DC HAVE To Make

Is 2020 the promised year for the DCEU?

DC Comics

One of the most exciting things about superhero films is waiting to see who’ll be adapted for the big screen. Seeing the hype build from that first trailer to a totally new character appearing is an experience that is universally fun, and appeals to fans old and new.

This is perhaps the one area where DC tends to fall down. While everyone loves Batman, seeing the same heroes have endless titles when DC is bursting at the seams with interesting superheroes does seem a little bit perplexing.

But with the success of films like Aquaman and Wonder Woman comes hope for the DCEU to expand with many more of our favourite spandex-clad miscreants. With superhero films being in such high demand, it seems inevitable that characters who have seen little to no screen-time will soon be the next big film star.

With characters old and new yet to make the leap to the big screen, the potential for DC’s cinematic future seems brighter than ever. The publisher has a vast library of brilliant characters most audiences probably haven't even heard of, all of which could make huge waves on the big screen, given the proper treatment.


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