DC's Titans Trailer Reaction: 2 Ups And 3 Downs


3. Starfire's Costume

Starfire Titans
Warner Bros.

A lot goes into a superhero's appearance. Whether they're a masked vigilante seeking justice or an alien from another planet that wants to save people, there's no denying that a superhero is only as well-received as their costume. And unfortunately, that has created some issues for Titans.

Back when set photos leaked onto the internet, fans were quick to voice their concerns about Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy's costumes (or lack of them). The outcry was so loud that actress Anna Diop (who will portray Starfire) had to take to social media to inform fans that the "sloppy" photograph was a misrepresentation. This gave some hope that the outfit would look drastically different in the final product.

However, Starfire appears briefly in the Titans trailer and she is indeed wearing the same costume that Diop was spotted wearing on-set. This leaves us wondering if this purple dress and fur coat is actually the heroine's costume in the film.

While it's highly likely that she will get an upgrade at some point during the series (we don't know if she's even a crime-fighter at this stage), it was still a risky move for DC to reveal an image of the character wearing the same criticised outfit.


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