Doomsday Clock #1: 10 Things Everyone Totally Missed

10. Just What President Are We Really Talking About Here?

DC Comics

Starting really early on during news broadcasts that help set up the state of the Watchmen's world, we see reports and panel artwork that seem to be alluding to another President entirely, one that is much more 2017 than 1992.

During a hostage crisis at the White House, we are quickly informed where the President is... because he's scored himself a hole in one, beating his personal record. When the President cannot be reached for comment, we see a set of golf clubs sitting on the green.

Add to this mentions of collusion, Russian intelligence and the fact this is a chaotic time in America after roughly two terms of relative peace and growth, and it seems pretty blatant that the comic is actually making reference to current US President Donald Trump.

The original Watchmen was a commentary on the social and political states of the time it was made, it would seem that Doomsday Clock may be just as relevant.


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