Drake Maverick Is Hunting For R-Truth At San Diego Comic-Con

WWE's 24/7 Championship scene keeps getting wackier.

R-Truth Wanted Poster
WWE/Reddit, @xBlackNinja60x

WWE's 24/7 Championship remains the most reliable source of genuinely funny comedy wrestling that the company have promoted in years, and it sounds like champion R-Truth and current rival Drake Maverick are causing all kinds of chaos at San Diego Comic-Con at the moment.

Reddit user xBlackNinja60x posted the above wanted poster to /r/SquaredCircle last night, claiming that the 205 Live General Manager handed to him while dressed in a banana suit.

WWE have since posted the following video of El Hijo del Bananaman interrupted a panel featuring Kofi Kingston, Becky Lynch, and more:-

This comes after Wednesday's news that WWE planned on filming a 24/7 Title match between Maverick and Truth at the event. Whether or not this has already gone down remains to be seen, though the SDCC escapades will almost certainly result in more daft content from WWE's weirdest division.

Truth and Maverick have already passed the 24/7 Championship around four times between them, with Drake's inability to consummate his marriage causing frustration between him and wife Renee Michelle. Carmella is also thought to be at Comic-Con - don't rule out the possibility of her snatching the belt in the confusion.

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