Flashpoint: 9 Things It Means For The DC Extended Universe

They're messing with the Multiverse already.

DC Comics

The Flash is hurtling towards cinemas for his solo debut in 2020 and Warner Bros top brass have now confirmed which classic DC Comics story he'll be tackling.

Ezra Miller's Barry Allen won't be in for an easy ride, nor will anyone in the DC Extended Universe, for that matter, as the Scarlet Speedster will be starring in a big-screen adaptation of time-hopping mind-bender Flashpoint.

The DCU may be just a handful of films in, but they're already tampering with the Multiverse, a collection of infinite Earths which come together for a large-scale crossover whenever their fates intertwine.

Flashpoint is a slightly different proposition as it takes place in an alternate timeline where only The Flash has any awareness that something is amiss, but the storyline ultimately ties in with the Multiverse concept.

In the world of Flashpoint, the Justice League was never formed and Barry Allen is no longer blessed with the power of super speed. Superman is nowhere to be seen and Batman is a far cry from the Dark Knight we all know.

Warner and DC have shown great ambition by even attempting to bring this sprawling epic to cinema, not least because of the sweeping changes it could spell for the DCEU.

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