Gotham: 10 Villains That Should Appear In Season 4

Doctor Crane will see you now.

Solomon Grundy Gotham

Gotham may be a lot of things, but it's far from being a poor piece of television. It's silly in parts - absolutely - and it's in no way the show fans had initially hoped it was (although it certainly shows signs of being one from time to time), but it's still enjoyable if you can withstand the creative liberties it takes with the bat-license.

The series is approaching its fourth season, and, while it's pushing itself in the direction that pretty much everyone hoped it wouldn't, what with Bruce Wayne beginning his vigilantism before he's hit sixteen and all, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about season four; chief among which are, of course, the villains.

We'll refrain from getting into the whole dichotomy surrounding The Dark Knight and his rogues in this instance, and the fact that Batman's presence begets villainy, because it's just not what Gotham's about. And that's perfectly fine, to be honest. It's its own thing, and besides, what is Gotham without its rogues?

The fourth season is promising a whole lot of them, and, while some are pretty much guaranteed an appearance in light of last season's closing arc, there are a few other characters out there that are, while yet to be formally introduced, a good fit for the series. Regardless, as the show returns next month (or not, if you're unlucky enough to be in the UK), we can only speculate as to which rogues will end up getting the live action nod, with some obviously being more deserving than others.

Spoilers for season three follow, obviously.

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