Gotham: Every Major Hero Ranked From Worst To Best

Which member of Batman's supporting cast comes out on top?


The many villains found in Fox's Gotham truly are brilliant, but because of this brilliance, it often seems that the heroes (you know, the actual protagonists) are overlooked despite usually being as good as and, in some cases, even better characters than the criminal elements of the city - not to mention the fact that there would be no show without them there.

But, just like the villains, some heroes are better than others. Ranging from the cops of the GCPD to Bruce Wayne's inner circle, here are the heroes who made Gotham what it was.

10. Harvey Dent


The closest Gotham has to a good lawyer (come on, even Dent has probably had a couple of less than noble moments), Gotham's Harvey Dent is both relatively comic book accurate in his depiction and, more importantly to the show's narrative, key to the cleaning up of the city via the legal route (until he inevitably becomes a half-burnt villain, of course).

Yet, unfortunately, Dent hasn't appeared nearly as much as he really should, with the less desk-locked heroes taking centre stage. It makes sense to a degree, but it doesn't make his lack of appearances disappointing.

Anyhow, when the soon to be Two Face has actually dropped into the show he has been excellent, with his interview with Gordon being a particularly brilliant highlight.

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