Gotham Quiz - Who Said It: Penguin Or Riddler?

Do you know your Oswald Cobblepot from your Edward Nygma.


After five seasons, FOX decided to finally bring Gotham to a close this past April. It may not have been for everyone, but this unique spin on the early days of Bruce Wayne and his burgeoning rogues gallery won its fair amount of plaudits and fans over its five years.

Two characters pivotal to Gotham's entire run, of course, were Robin Lord Taylor's Oswald Cobblepot and Cory Michael Smith's Edward Nygma. To show just how pivotal this pairing was, both actors appeared in all 100 of Gotham's episodes. Of course, these villains-in-waiting would slowly but surely transition to their more famous monikers of The Penguin and The Riddler as the series played out - more often than not being seen alongside each other on screen in the latter stages of Gotham's impressive run.

What we've got here, then, are a bunch of quotes pulled directly from Gotham. Each quote was said be either Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin or Cory Michael Smith's Riddler. All you have to do is correctly identify which of these legendary villains said the line of dialogue in question.

1. "I Could Not Stay Away. Gotham Is My Home! It's My Destiny!"


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