Gotham Season 5: 3 Ups & 1 Down From 'The Trial Of Jim Gordon'


3. Ben McKenzie's Killer Script

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If there's one thing viewers can take away from Gotham after it concludes, it's Ben McKenzie's superb portrayal of Jim Gordon. The celebrated actor has embodied the comic character over the past five years, and is undoubtedly one of the best actors to ever take on the iconic role. However, this acclaimed performance isn't the only treat that McKenzie has bestowed upon fans of the hit series, as he's also demonstrated his ability as a director - with his greatest work behind the camera having been this season's 13 Stitches.

If that wasn't enough, however, McKenzie has proven to be a dab hand with the pen, having also written an episode in the fourth season. While his previous effort was good, he once again excels himself with The Trial Of Jim Gordon, delivering an absolutely spectacular script.

The action is paced incredibly well, and the plotting is expertly handled too, but his greatest accomplishment is without a doubt the dialogue he provides for the series' mainstays. From the heartfelt and moving conversation between Alfred Pennyworth and Lee Thompkins, to the hilarious words that come out of Victor Zsasz's mouth, McKenzie's believable dialogue is incredibly emotive, and provides for some wonderful moments throughout the episode.

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