Gotham Season 5: 5 Major Questions We Have After 'Ruin'

5. Are Gordon And Barbara Officially Together?


Barbara Kean and Jim Gordon have had quite the colourful relationship on Gotham. They were sweet and innocent lovers when we first encountered them way back in Season 1, but Barbara's mental breakdown completely changed her character's personality - some would say for the better - leaving her on the opposite side of the law and as far away from Gordon as humanly possible.

As the two characters have been literally left with nothing to live for in Season 5, it's no surprise that they've hooked up. Having said that, when you consider all the hurt and heartache they've both experienced, it's no surprise that many viewers considered this pairing to be dead in the water. Ruin's shocking conclusion disproved this theory, however, as Gordon and Barbara kissed - a moment which left a lot of us with our mouths ajar.

The big question is if the GCPD captain simply gave into temptation, and allowed himself to bend the rules for a bit of fun. If this is the case then no-one would blame him considering he's been left with nothing and nobody. However, as the two were once in love, could this passionate kiss be something deeper?

Should the show want to follow comic canon (although it rarely does), then the source material dictates that Babs and Jim need to be married so that Barbara Jr (aka Batgirl) can be born. However, given that this is Gotham we're talking about, a one night stand would likely suffice.

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