Gotham Season 5: 5 Ups & 1 Down From ‘13 Stitches’


5. It's Structured Very Well

Selina Kyle Gotham Catwoman

Due to the significant amount of characters that feature in the show, Gotham has always had a bit of a problem with delegating a fair amount of screen time to all its regulars. The first season was undoubtedly the worst offender in this department, as the series felt more like 'Jim Gordon & Friends' as opposed to a multi-protagonist piece. However, the showrunners managed to somewhat amend this during the second season, and the standard of single instalments has only improved ever since.

With the final season having the tall task of wrapping up every one of the show's storylines, it's only fair that all of these beloved characters are featured in some capacity. Some of the previous entries in Gotham's final chapter have seen quite a few characters remain absent, but 13 Stitches manages to include everyone.

The episode is structured incredibly well, and writer Seth Boston manages to find the perfect balance between all of the mainstays - so much so that not one of the regulars is ever neglected. The conflict between Jim and Eduardo proves fruitful on this front, as such a narrative allowed for Boston to incorporate plenty of characters into a singular storyline. Pretty genius when you think about it.

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