Gotham Series Finale: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

3. Batman Is Finally Born...

Gotham Batman

It's an event that has been foreshadowed since pretty much the very first episode - and it's one that fans have been dying to see for years - but the time finally came for Bruce Wayne to don the cape and cowl to become The Dark Knight in Gotham's final instalment.

His birth of course was a direct result of the soul searching the young billionaire did during his time away from the city. During the opening moments of the episode, we see Bruce arrive in a new location, where he was clearly planning to do some training and prepare for his fight to become the hero that Gotham needs.

Due to David Mazouz's young age, however, we unfortunately didn't see an awful lot of Batman, but there were a few glimpses of the hero spread throughout the episode. It was the final scene of the instalment - which finds Batman standing atop a building after being summoned by Gordon - that gave us our only up-close shot of the watchful protector - and his Batman outfit certainly didn't disappoint.

The arrival of the Caped Crusader means that Bruce Wayne's origin story has finally come to a conclusion. In its place, however, a very different story is about to begin. It's just a shame that we won't get to witness it unfold.

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