Green Lantern Corps. Movie Is Still Happening

Warner Bros. view Johns' Emerald Knights ensemble offering as a priority picture.

Warner Bros.

It may have been floating in development hell for the past little while, but the long-mooted Green Lantern Corps. movie apparently remains a major priority for Warner Brothers.

Initially reported by Variety, the Geoff Johns-penned Green Lantern Corps. is still happening and the current plan is for Johns to finish off a new script by the time the year is out.

After plentiful rumblings of a Green Lantern picture being a part of the Warners’ DC Extended Universe of movies that began with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Green Lantern Corps. was officially announced in early 2018. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the DCEU, all's been eerily quiet on the GLC front lately.

Bar the initial buzz that Hal Jordan and John Stewart would be just two of the many Emerald Knights making up this ensemble effort, the only other information we’d heard on the film was that it was targeting a June 2020 release. Clearly, there’s no way that Green Lantern Corps. will hitting the silver screen at any point in 2020, let alone in June.

Despite Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti recently being announced as developing a Green Lantern TV series for the impending HBO Max on-demand service, that won’t change things as it pertains to the Green Lantern Corps. movie.

On that point, it’s been suggested that Berlanti or possibly even J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production house could end up working with Johns on Green Lantern Corps. Either way, this movie is definitely still happening, and, all being well, we should expect to hear more early next year on this offering.

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