Greg Capullo Will Draw Swamp Thing Next Year

Only after Dark Nights: Metal concludes, of course.

Swamp Thing
DC Comics

Greg Capullo is totally working on a Swamp Thing book next year, according to the man himself. With talk of the project happening at SDCC 2017, the Dark Nights: Metal artist seemingly confirmed speculation with a tweet sent out last week, responding to a fan who'd asked "what comic [they] should frame in [their] room."

Capullo replied, saying "my first Swamp Thing issue when it comes out," which is as blatant a confirmation as any of the thing happening, really.

Capullo is one of the very best artists plying their trade in the industry today, having lent his talents to multiple Batman projects since the introduction of the New 52 in 2011. He frequently collaborates with Scott Snyder these days, but seeing as the writer has already helmed his own Swamp Thing saga, it could be that we're looking at a different creative team altogether this time around.

Apart from Batman, Capullo is perhaps most famous for his work on Image Comics' Spawn during the nineties, a period in which he also presided over issues of X-Force for Marvel, and various other creator-owned works too.

Created by the late Len Wein, Brian Wrightson and later Alan Moore, Swamp Thing is a veggie-hater's living nightmare, with the original comic having lent itself more to the horror genre than other traditional superhero works. Writers have frequently used the character as a vehicle to explore environmental themes, although the creature's supernatural elements take priority throughout.

Swamp Thing recently guest starred in Rebirth's Hellblazer comic, but we've yet to see another solo series in DC's solits since Charles Soule's run in 2015. In any case, if Capullo is involved (as is surely now the case), then there's plenty of cause to be excited.


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