Guardians Of The Galaxy: Marvel Teases All-New Member

But are any of them as cool as Venom?

All New Guardians Of The Galaxy
Marvel Comics

It would appear that the Guardians Of The Galaxy are in the market for a new member. The upcoming Infinity Quest arc will see the team bolstering their ranks with an ex-Avenger no less.

Rod Reis' cover for the upcoming twelfth issue of the series teases four potential candidates for the job, including Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Man Thing and Cable - all hoping to pip each other for a spot on the roster.

And yes, the synopsis is as cool as the lineup suggests:

"They’re earth’s mightiest heroes – in space, and beyond! And the Guardians are adding a new member to their team that will make them mightier, as one of Marvel’s best-loved heroes will make the biggest impact when he debuts in ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #12."
"The Guardians have been tasked with some wacky and big adventures while doing the Grandmaster’s bidding, which includes stealing from The Collector – and Star-Lord even accidentally destroyed one of his favorite mix-tapes. Now, as they prepare for their Legacy arc THE INFINITY QUEST, they’ll have to team up with the group that has been on their tails – the Nova Corps – as well as one ex-Avenger if they want to keep the universe safe."

The Guardians haven't been afraid to deviate from their tried and tested lineup in the past: Brian Bendis famously made Flash Thompson's Venom a Guardian during his run on the book, which went to great lengths to write a whole new lore for the Symbiote, and it proved to be a worthwhile decision.

It will be interesting to see how either one of Deadpool or Cable would slot into the current lineup, but the chance to see Doctor Strange hopping across the cosmos is almost too great to pass up. Man Thing, too, is also due a comeback, so it really is anyone's guess who could come out on top.


Guardians #12 releases 18/10/17. For more intergalactic coverage with a seventies twist, be sure to check out the WhatCulture Comics YouTube channel, where we do discussions, lists, and other news-y type things.

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