Injustice 2: 10 Incredibly Powerful DC Characters NetherRealm Left Out

Who wouldn't want to fight as the literal Wrath of God?!

The Spectre
DC Comics

Now that Injustice 2 is finally out and picking up glowing reviews that suggest it might just be this generation's best fighting game (so far), attention inevitably turns to what the game didn't include. Because when have video game fans not demanded more?

Though the roster was pretty big, there were some fairly glaring absences - with the likes of John Constantine, Katana and Plastic Man all disappointingly left out - and even with additional characters set to be added, there will always be some most wanted characters fans simply aren't allowed to play with.

Sometimes those absences make a lot of sense. Even in a superhero fighting universe, there should be limits to how powerful your roster can be (if only to broadly fit in with the conventional fighting game model), and that means that there's a special roster of hugely powerful DC Comics characters who were probably never even considered. And despite the logistical issues, some of those characters would have been bloody great to fight as.

Assuming NetherRealm aren't going to drop them as Premier Skins or DLC - sadly both are pretty unlikely for all of them - it's unlikely we'll see any of these hugely powerful DC characters in the game. Though, to be honest, if they were in there, it would probably be way too easy to win with them.

Still, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be awesome to get to play as them...

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