Into The Spider-Verse 2: 10 Alternate Spider-Men That Must Appear

Who Needs The Avengers When You Have infinite Spider-People?

Marvel Comics

Spider-Verse is pretty perfect. A comic book film with a comic book art style, featuring distinct, likeable personalities and a great soundtrack to boot, it's a formula which screams for a sequel.

We already know that the next film will be focusing on the Spider-Women of the multiverse, namely Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and Silk, so there's no point discussing them here, but with infinite realities to explore, there are plenty more Spider-People that should definitely feature in a future film...

10. Ultimate Spider-Man (Cartoon Version)

Disney XD

When you think of Marvel characters who break the fourth wall, Spidey probably isn't the character that would first spring to mind, yet, in the 2012-2017 cartoon series, Spider-Man was more Wade Wilson than Peter Parker.

Sure, this may sound like a painful watch, but the series was surprisingly enjoyable, with Parker being portrayed in an amusing and, most importantly, not annoying way, the moments where he talked directly to the audience actually adding to viewer enjoyment, rather than detracting from it.

This incarnation of Spidey even appeared in the comic book version of Spider-Verse, teaming up with the Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles) as well as Pete's cartoon predecessor from the 60s, the juxtaposition between the visual styles and personalities of all three making for a brilliant read, something which would hopefully carry over to a movie, fourth wall breaks and all.


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