Invincible: Robert Kirkman's Superhero Movie Coming From Preacher Team

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg reunite for big screen adap.

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So much for that comic book movie bubble bursting, eh?

Despite complaints of over-saturation and lack of imagination, there's another addition to the genre coming, thanks to the team behind Preacher and the writer of The Walking Dead.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are set to write, direct, and produce a big screen adaptation of Invincible - Robert Kirkman's long-running Image Comics series - for Universal Pictures. Fans will be delighted, and so should the mainstream cinema audience, because it's a truly great series.

Kirkman - who will also produce - greeted the news with the following:

"For nearly a decade I've had to endure the ‘what about Invincible?’ question as fans have watched The Walking Dead grow into the multi-media monstrosity it has become. The answer was always that we were waiting for the right team to partner with. That team has arrived! The esteemed misters Goldberg and Rogen have proven themselves to be top-notch directors with a keen collective eye for stunning visuals after slumming it by writing hit after juggernaut hit."

The Goldberg/Rogen team have already been responsible for Preacher's success (which was surprising given how many called that a bust waiting to happen), as well as the excellent This Is The End and the passably good The Interview. Their irreverent spirit should suit the comic book adaptation perfectly.

The comic series follows teenager Mark Grayson, whose father is superhero Omni-Man, and who begins showing signs of powers at the age of 17. He takes on the mantle of Invincible and struggles with his new powers and responsibilities - typical sort of material really - but with Kirkman's edgy tone. It's been primed for adaptation for a long time.

Rogen released his own statement to THR:

“Invincible’s surprising, edgy, shocking, and oftentimes blood-soaked story couldn’t be in more capable hands. With the team of Rogen, Goldberg and Universal, I’m very confident this will be another superhero movie, in a long line of superhero movies that continues to prove that it’s a viable, thrilling genre that will keep people coming to the cinema for years to come.”

“No matter how much damage it causes our bodies, minds, and our most intimate relationships with those we love, we will not rest until Invincible is as great a movie as it deserves to be.”

With the big boys of the genre increasingly doing the same things, it's great that smaller properties like this are still coming to market too. Long may it continue.

Are you excited to see the Invincible movie? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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