Jessica Jones Showrunner Horrified At "Interracial Relationship" Criticism

Also promises expanded roles for supporting characters.

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Just a day after it was revealed that Jessica Jones season 2 and The Defenders would film back to back, the show's runner Melissa Rosenberg has been talking about the forthcoming second season for Marvel and Netflix's favourite private detective.

Interestingly she spoke to Nerdist about the secondary characters in the show, and how she expects them to grow in the future.

"That's the trick of a show that's called Jessica Jones. If she's not in the scene, it's not a guarantee that scene will end up in the final picture. You have to earn secondary character stories. You have to flesh them out enough so that they can eventually carry stories of their own, which is very much what season one was about... I'm hopeful that I can at least give her a day off in the six-month period. This is a very, very hardworking woman. I think it's important that there be some balance."

Hopefully, we'll get to see Wil Traval's William Simpson fully turn into Nuke after it was heavily foreshadowed first time out, and there's plenty of room for Trish Walker to develop into her own comic book alter-ego Hellcat. Then there's Malcolm, who you'd expect to stick around as a side-kick and Robyn, who some thought might end up turning into a new version of Typhoid Mary.

The showrunner also talked about some of the controversy of the first season, and the reception of some of the darker elements, confirming that she was disgusted at the source of the loudest criticism:

"I was dealing with a lot of different issues on Jessica Jones: rape, abortion, interracial relationships, feminism -- all this stuff. What made me nervous was whether the audience was going to . The one I thought was really going to get the most flak was the abortion story. The one that actually got the most, much to my horror and disappointment, was the interracial relationship ."

Unfortunately, it's not at all surprising. A lot of the Internet is populated by dicks. Like the people who will call me a white knight for calling them dicks over this sort of heinous behaviour. Ah well.

Jessica Jones season two will air on Netflix.

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