Justice League #19 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

I really appreciate DC’s removal of the WTF certifications from the covers of all their books this month. Not for the fact that the whole WTF logo on the cover of books aimed partially at children was inappropriate, but more for the fact that there have been a few issues so far where the gate-fold cover really had no bearing on what actually happens on the inside pages of the book. Justice League #19 is one of those issues; nowhere in the pages of the issue does anything even remotely related to the cover actually happen.

That’s not to say this isn’t a good issue. This is just another filler issue in between arcs, which gives us a better look at the new Justice Leaguers Firestorm and the new Atom. If you haven’t read Firestorm’s solo series or if you’re unfamiliar with the character this issue is a decent starting point for you. This issue also features the New 52 debut of an iconic DC villain, a personal favorite that I have been waiting nearly two years for. The opening pages with the Red Hood and started a cool little mystery as too who can just walk into the Batcave like that unnoticed, and DC seems to be keeping threads from the Tower of Babel story going in the New 52.

My biggest fault with the book came from the pages featuring the big three. These are supposed to be the biggest stars of DC’s line, why do their scenes together have to be so melodramatic and cliched? I know this is probably the closest we’ve gotten to an argument between the three, an argument that could possibly lead to the Trinity War. The Captain Marvel backups seem to finally be gaining some traction, it seems Black Adam is what they really were missing.

After how hyped I was after last issue, this one dropped a bit. It was still a pretty good issue though.

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This article was first posted on April 21, 2013