Mara 2At the end of the first issue, Mara Prince, the biggest volleyball star in a futuristic world obsessed with the sport, appeared to move at superhuman speed on live television. The second issue picks up the aftermath of the shocking event with many decrying her as a cheat – how could anyone move so fast?

Issue #2 doesn’t explain Mara’s power yet but shows how her world of wealth and glory is slowly imploding as the media and her fans try to make sense of her seemingly impossible moves on the court leading to questions about her career thus far – is she a fraud? Also in this issue, Mara goes to a volleyball camp as part of her contractual obligations to encourage and inspire the athletes of tomorrow. But the constant media scrutiny has wound her up and in a tense practice game she reveals more of the hidden person she secretly is.

It’s quite brilliant that Brian Wood’s chosen not to give Mara an inner monologue so the reader is kept guessing at her inner conflict, having to interpret her feelings through Ming Doyle’s wonderful art while Mara retains her mystique. Wood’s written another great issue of this excellent original series while Doyle continues to draw the hell out of it. I really appreciate the fact that Doyle puts the effort into drawing the crowd scenes so well, drawing scores of faces to create an impressive and convincing opening scene depicting a media circus.

It’s a fantastic sports comic merged with what’s seemingly shaping into a superhero comic – or is it? Not knowing where this story is going is part of what makes this such an enjoyable reading experience. Mara is must-read for all fans of great comics.

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This article was first posted on February 26, 2013