Marvel Legacy: 10 Things You Need To Know After Issue 1

Is there more to the Mind Gem than meets the eye?

Marvel Legacy Wolverine Mind Stone
Marvel Comics

Marvel Legacy is fast becoming the comics event of the season, and while it'll take a great deal of effort to see off the Doomsday Clocks and Dark Nights: Metals of the medium, Marvel have built something truly special with this first issue.

It's understandable, then, that the book was quite ambitious. Featuring the efforts of Jason Aaron and a whole host of artists, Legacy #1 made a point of setting up a whole new era for the Marvel Universe, planting the seeds to plotlines that'll be explored (thoroughly) in books like Daredevil, Captain America, Deadpool and more. Because of this, the book features a whole bevy of easter eggs, references and key reveals that'll play into Marvel's comics significantly going forward.

It's a pretty important issue, but with it biting off so much it's easy to get lost as to what, exactly, it all means for Marvel as a whole. There's genuinely so much crammed into those pages, and while the main bread and butter of the comic is bound to delight fans for its thoughtful narration, the main talking point that will no doubt stick with the one-shot is what, exactly, it teased.

It's a great legacy to bear though, and the teases we did see were both interesting and plentiful. There's stuff involving Wolverine, the Fantastic Four (yes), and just about every key Marvel hero you can think of, along with some details regarding a cosmic threat True Believers everywhere have to get behind.

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