Marvel Legacy: First Phoenix Variant Covers Revealed

People like variants... right?

Spider-Gwen Phoenix Variant Marvel Legacy
Marvel Comics/Yasmine Putri

Yesterday's announcement that the adult Jean Grey would be returning for Marvel Legacy - in a series written and drawn by Matthew Rosenberg and Leinil Yu - promised variant covers aplenty. In typical Legacy fashion, Marvel have delivered, with the first ten having just been revealed this morning.

Spider-Gwen, Punisher, Spirits of Vengeance and more have all gotten a fiery or, in Ghost Rider's case, a fiery-er makeover, and the covers look pretty spectacular.

Marvel Comics/Sanford Greene

Punisher, which will also be written by Rosenberg, is currently making waves in the comics thanks to a nifty piece of Stark technology, but Sanford Greene opted for a more classic look with this variant. It's cartoony too, and while the thought of Frank Castle enjoying the power of the Phoenix Force is one too terrifying to contemplate, it makes for a pretty cool image.

Venom Phoenix Variant Marvel Legacy
Marvel Comics/Tyler Crook

Another artist who's enjoyed giving a character the Phoenix treatment is Tyler Crook, who's given Eddie Brock's Venom a particularly gruesome makeover with a black and orange hue. The Phoenix this time around is permeated by the symbiote's black goop, and it makes for a particularly impressive image.

Venom is, of course, currently enjoying a major event in the dimension-hopping Venomverse. No word on if there's a Phoenix symbiote in any of those universes yet, but - going off from Crook's drawing at least - it'd make for a fearsome one indeed.

Other artists, like Brent Schoonover, Jen Bartel, David Nakayama, Razzah, Ryan Stegman, Francesco Mattina and David Lopez have also gotten involved with covers for Avengers, All-New Wolverine, Falcon, Thanos, Spider-man, Spirits of Vengeance and Daredevil, which you can check out below.

Avengers Phoenix Variant Marvel Legacy
Marvel Comics/Brent Schoonover
All New Wolverine Phoenix Variant Marvel
Marvel Comics/Jen Bartel
Falcon Phoenix Variant Marvel Legacy
Marvel Comics/David Nakayama
Marvel Comics/Ryan Stegman
Spirits of Vengeance Phoenix Variant Marvel Legacy
Marvel Comics/Francesco Mattina
Thanos Phoenix Variant Marvel Legacy
Marvel Comics/Razzah
Daredevil Phoenix Variant Marvel Legacy
Marvel Comics/David Lopez

They all look great, but David Lopez's Daredevil is a definite highlight here. We could always do with a fiery Matt Murdock in our lives, particularly when he looks as fierce as he does with the Phoenix Force right behind him.

If that's not enough to satiate your variant appetite, however, Marvel will be revealing covers for further issues in due course, with Old Man Logan, Iron Fist, Captain America and Black Panther all getting the nod for a cosmic upgrade.

As for Legacy itself, we'll be covering next week's launch both on the site and on YouTube. So be sure to check back then for all the latest news, views and more regarding what could, quite possibly, be the most anticipated comic of the year. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype.


What do you make of these variant covers? Excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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