Marvel NOW! - 5 Books That Could Be Cancelled Next

X-Men Legacy A couple of months ago, I wrote an article predicting five comics in DC's New 52 line that I thought were heading towards cancellation. Just a few weeks later, three of those five books bit the dust. And so now, in my new role as the Grim Reaper of the comic book world I thought I'd give the books of the Marvel NOW! line-up my terrifying warning. The Marvel NOW! initiative was launched almost immediately after the end of Marvel's mega-event Avengers vs. X-Men and succeeded in serving its purpose of boosting Marvel's sales numbers. It has genuinely been a surprisingly successful move, however not every book can sell healthily. Sadly, there are always a few that are left in the dust, not necessarily due to quality either - more often due to a book lacking a famous character. And so, here are my predictions of the books likely to be next on the chopping block in order of highest-selling to lowest.

5. X-Men Legacy

xmen legacy Currently Selling: Around 23,000 copies per month After a rocky start, Simon Spurrier's X-Men Legacy has become a fan favourite title exploring the life of Legion - the son of Charles Xavier - and his response to his father's passing. Unfortunately, while it maintains a satisfied audience of readers it also maintains a small audience. This may be due to the fact that this was labelled one of the hardest Marvel NOW! books for new readers to jump into, or maybe because it bares little resemblance to the previous volume of X-Men Legacy and so readers of the old volume may not have jumped ship. Either way X-Men legacy is only on its thirteenth issue but is already selling just 23,000 copies and so is dangerously close to Marvel's cancellation zone unfortunately early in its life. The book probably won't be the first Marvel chooses to cancel (after all, it is outselling all the other books on this list), but that doesn't mean its safe, and unless a sales boost is seen in the not-too-distant future, I can't help but fear the worst. Fortunately, Spurrier does have other projects in the works at the moment including his series, Six Gun Gorilla for Boom Studios.
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