Marvel Offering Over 700 #1 Issues For Free Digitally


Great news for comics fans everywhere as yesterday (Sunday 10th March), Marvel Comics launched an offer of over 700 #1 issues as free digital comics for download via Comixology's website ( and app. The bad news is that Comixology's servers crashed due to the massive demand and their website has only just been put back up, though it is very slow to load and downloading via the Comixology app is currently unavailable. The company have tweeted that they are working to resolve these problems shortly ( so check back soon for your free copies of Marvel's finest.

Among the offerings are 22 #1's from their Marvel NOW! range including Superior Spider-Man, All-New X-Men, Iron Man, Avengers Arena, Savage Wolverine, and Thor: God of Thunder so if you've been curious to sample their reboot, now's your chance. Also included are classic first issues like Avengers #1 from 1963 and Fantastic Four #1 from 1961.

The move underlines the company's commitment to digital comics as they continue to build on recent successes such as Augmented Reality (AR) features in all of their comics which is an app that gives the reader access to free audio and video content with their comic by holding their smart phones' cameras over certain panels with the AR label. Marvel have also stated their intent to bringing music and sound to their comics later this year in what they're calling "Project Gamma"(

This offer is only available until the end of Tuesday 12 March through Comixology so head on over to their website or download their app to take advantage of Marvel's generosity.


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