Marvel Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Venom?

Before Tom Hardy's latest hits the big screen, can you pass the symbiote's ultimate test?

Marvel Comics

October 5, 2018 will see Venom finally hit the big screen for the solo movie fans have been dying to see for years. The excitement for Tom Hardy's upcoming portrayal of everybody's favourite symbiote is strong, at the very least in the hope it can erase the memory of Spider-Man 3's complete botching of the character.

Venom has been around for over three decades now, building up plenty of lore to back up his immediately interesting design. Being the ultimate counterpart to the friendly neighbour web-crawler and starring as a main antagonist in countless comics, animated series and video game interpretations, has seen Venom become just as popular and recognisable a character as the Green Goblin, Doctor Oct, and maybe even Spidey himself.

Of course as every Marvel diehard fan knows Venom's background is nearly as extensive as his powers. So to anyone who believes themselves to be the ultimate Venom fan, or even just for those excited for the upcoming movie who think they're up for the challenge, we have just one simple request for you:

Prove it.

1. What Year Did Venom Debut?


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