Marvel's The Punisher New Trailer Breakdown: 11 Things You Need To See

You wanted Jigsaw? Well, we've got Jigsaw.

the punisher

In an attempt to distract everyone from the fact that the Defenders was the least watched Marvel TV premiere ever, Netflix dropped the full-length trailer for the Punisher yesterday, and it's accomplished its task fairly well, it must be said.

Although we're still yet to receive a concrete release date for the show (November and December have been mooted as possible dates), that doesn't take away from the fact that Frank Castle is just the thing we need to reignite our love for the small-screen MCU, particularly in light of the tepid response that greeted the company's most recent superhero team-up.

This new trailer - much like the first one - has an awful lot to digest. It gave us new looks at villains and allies, plot threads and action sequences, and did it all to the banging beats of peak Metallica.

Despite all these revelations, however, the trailer didn’t tell all. In fact, some of what it did show has actually managed to confuse fans even further, as they attempt to discern the origins of the conspiracy that Frank’s seemingly at the centre of.

It's a mystery that's definitely worth unraveling, and with Netflix dropping clues here, there and everywhere, there's no time like the present to figure out just what, exactly, it all means.

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