MCU: 10 Fan Ideas Better Than What Marvel Have Planned

10. A Hawkeye Netflix TV Show

Hawkeye Age of Ultron
Marvel Studios

While it's fair to say that Jeremy Renner has never really been given the opportunity to bring his A-game to the part of Hawkeye, his performance has shown flashes of brilliance since his original introduction. He played a pivotal role in Age of Ultron as the heart and soul of the Avengers, and came closer and closer to the Clint we know and love in Civil War.

Save for a potential redemption in the next two Avengers films however, Renner's time as Barton will no doubt be remembered for how Marvel managed to waste him. The addition of a family in Age of Ultron was as left-field a move as you could get, and the fact the character was relegated to nothing more than a mind controlled henchman in the OG Avengers hasn't helped things either.

Comics fans, on the other hand, will need no reminding of just how brilliant a character he was in the comics, and with Matt Fraction and David Aja's series still fresh in their minds, a Hawkeye Netflix series has been optioned on countless occasions.

Co-starring Kate Bishop, the show would revolve around Clint when he's not Avenging things. It's the perfect premise for a TV series, and while it's clear Hawkeye is staying away from that realm, one can't help but wonder what a proper Barton-Bishop show would look like. Pizza Dog and all.

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