MCU: 7 Lesser-Known Marvel Moments We'd Love To See

Moments worthy Of The MCU.

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Over the course of the ten-ish years that the MCU has been releasing movies, the majority of its inspirations have been based off of the most famous of Marvel stories, whether that be the numerous Infinity-titled arcs or the original Avengers tales.

The arcs that have been adapted have, for more the most part, been ones that the majority of readers would have heard of.

Yet, with Marvel's extremely long history, there are plenty of moments that, while brilliant, won't have been as publicised as those which have already been put on-screen, and should definitely have their chance to shine in the spotlight.

Now, these may not exactly be the most obscure of tales, but, as we've already suggested, they have a ton to offer, were well received by readers at the time, and deserve a second go-round on the big screen.

7. Spider-Man Becomes The Bombastic Bag Man

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With Tom Holland's take on Spider-Man arguably being the most silliest out of all of the on-screen incarnations, seeing him wear this utterly ridiculous outfit would simply be brilliant.

Disney's buy-out of Fox means that at some point we'll finally be getting a good Fantastic Four film, and with Spider-Man having been intertwined with the team for many years in the comics, seeing this suit after Marvel's first family has been introduced into the MCU would definitely not be out of the realms of possibility.

As we're sure that a future Avengers film would give the opportunity for Spidey to lose his costume, have the Four provide a spare suit until he returns home. Of course, if the set-up above doesn't end up being possible, Disney have more than enough funds to produce a Bombastic Bag Man movie - something we'd all like to see, right?

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