MCU: 8 Ways To Integrate Fox Characters

8. Storm - Black Panther's Wife


Throughout comic book history, and in the X-Men movie franchise, Ororo Munroe AKA Storm, has proven herself as one of the most powerful mutants on Earth, even being entrusted to lead the X-Men for a time, so her introduction into the MCU would be a big deal.

Ororo's relationship with T'Challa from the comics could be used as her MCU introduction. In a Black Panther sequel we could see the king head to Egypt on a diplomatic mission. While there he meets, and falls in love with, Ororo, bringing her home as his new wife and queen.

In the comics, after ruling Wakanda and visiting the likes of Latveria, Attilan and Atlantis as the royal couple, T'Challa was unable to forgive Storm for being absent while Wakanda fell under attack, believing her allegiances lay with The X-Men.

Adapting this story would not only give Marvel the chance to highlight the power and importance of Ororo, seeing her grow so close to T'Challa just to have them ripped apart in a blind rage, fuelled by the love of the latter's nation, would add another layer to each of the characters that would affect them considerably.

The invasion on Wakanda would also be the perfect way for Marvel to finally introduce Namor into the MCU, given the history of Black Panther and The Sub-Mariner in the comics.


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