MCU Phase 4: 10 Epic Thor Moments Marvel Must Adapt

10. Thor Fights The God Butcher

Marvel Comics

When you are Thor, God of Thunder, and you realise the person you are facing is unironically nicknamed 'The God Butcher', a whole lot of concerning thoughts must pop into your mind.

Despite these thoughts - or perhaps even because of them - Thor's fights with Gorr tend to get really extreme really fast, involving some of the most intense moments the superhero has ever been involved in.

The most extreme of these fights has to be the one within Thor: God of Thunder #5, which involves Thor hacking off one of the Butcher's arms. As epic a fight as this is, it only gets all the more so when it is discovered that defeating Gorr here isn't the end - as Thor has actually only faced a small portion of the Butcher's true powers.

As far as future enemies for MCU Thor go, Gorr the God Butcher has to be in the upper echelons of candidates that have to appear at some point in time. Seeing him as anything other than a major villain would be an absolute waste.


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