MCU Phase 4: 5 Comic Book Storylines Marvel Must Avoid

We hate to tell you, but Secret Invasion just cannot work.

Marvel Comics

The MCU hasn't yet put a foot wrong when it comes to directly adapting comic book stories.

With massive comic events such as Civil War, The Winter Solider and Infinity War all getting the blockbuster treatment, it's easy to see Marvel looking for another big, audience-captivating event to adapt for the upcoming Phase 4, which is set to commence with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home next July.

Perhaps these stories are far smaller in scale? Iron Man's hauntingly personal Demon In A Bottle story influenced Robert Downey Jr.'s performance significantly in Iron Man 3, and Spider-Man's 'If This Be My Destiny' story inspired Spider-Man: Homecoming's most poignant moment.

For stories both colossal and intimate, the MCU has shown due respect when adapting from the pages of their rich comic history. However, there are some comic stories that are just so far-fetched, so bizarre, and so outright confusing that we can only hope the MCU doesn't give them as much as an easter egg in the upcoming fourth phase - for their sake, and ours.


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