MCU Phase 4: 8 Major Comics That Could Inspire Its Story

Two words: Everything. Dies.

Spider-Man Norman Osborn Dark Reign
Marvel Studios

The build up to Avengers 4 is proving to be an almost excruciating experience for Marvel fans, but not without good reason. Infinity War left everyone on a terrifying cliffhanger with half the universe in ashes, and with several Marvel mainstays set to depart the franchise for good, Phase 4 could be considered a make or break moment for the franchise.

Of course, that doesn't mean Marvel haven't been preparing for this moment. The day was always going to come where a changing of the guard would have to take place, and with the Marvel Studios method having proven to be extremely lucrative, we can expect the series to continue as usual by taking inspiration from a variety of different comics, each designed to serve the franchise's overarching narrative in some form or another.

But what storylines will be on Kevin Feige's reading list? With talk of certain characters making their debut, as well as prequels and sequels aplenty, finding the perfect balance between old and new will likely be what makes Phase 4 find its footing. Here are the comics most likely to make a splash in it, one way or another.

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