Predicting Marvel's MCU TV Shows

13. Nakia

Black Panther Lupita NyongO Nakia
Marvel Studios

There were several characters who managed to steal the show in Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, and one of them was Lupita Nyongo'o's Nakia.

A Wakandan spy who works closely with the Royal Family, Nakia is one of the country's foremost fighters and personalities, and although fans were campaigning for the character to get a spin-off film, it may make more sense for a Nakia series to happen first.

As one of the film's most popular characters, a Nakia show would go some way in convincing audiences to invest in another streaming platform (something Disney's has to get over), and would cement it as the platform for Marvel fans to go to in order to expand the experience offered on the big screen.

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