Frink 1Good Glavin! Everyone’s favourite Jerry Lewis-sounding mad scientist, Professor Frink, gets his own one-shot comic in “Professor Frink Fantastic Science Fictions #1”. Made up of three stories, the first – “Frink Sinatra!” – takes its cue from a sketch in a Simpsons episode where Frink drank a potion and became a suave loverboy. Here the potion gets into Springfield’s water supply turning the townspeople into Rat Pack-era figures wearing tuxes and sloshing martinis.

The second story is “Hook, Line & Frinker” where Frink plays god using the three-eyed fish, Blinky, as his test subject. He speeds up the fish’s evolution to the point where Blinky begins reproducing at a massive rate and soon the town is overrun by Blinkys with legs! The third and final story utilises the 3D glasses, or “Frink-O-Matic Goggles”, you get with this comic. Frink and Bart get shot by a laser and are transported to a parallel universe that looks like a 1960s Ditko creation and features a Doctor Strange crossed with Mysterio-like figure.

The stories play up Frink’s mad scientist schtick so they read exactly like the title suggests – fantastic science fiction. If you love the Hallowe’en Specials like me you’ll appreciate this comic more as each story reads like something straight out of those episodes, especially as they’re all resolved in the nuttiest ways.

The comic is well written, though drawn in a largely unvaried artistic style, and are as smart as the TV episodes, parodying Silver Age comics perfectly, or lampooning Sinatra and the Rat Pack. “Professor Frink Fantastic Science Fictions #1” is an excellent comic from Bongo that’s entertaining, enjoyable, and well worth picking up. A successful :ga-hey!: experiment!

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This article was first posted on March 5, 2013