Ranking Every 2017 Comic Book TV Show Worst To Best

1. The Punisher

The Punisher Jon Bernthal

Greeted by a somewhat mixed reaction upon its November release, it would be fair to say that Netflix's Punisher series didn't hit the ground running quite the way it would've liked.

Labelled for being 'untimely' within the current zeitgeist, Steve Lightfoot's series had a whole lot to do to win over audiences, so much so that some of its more salient discussions - about war, gun violence and PTSD - have largely been neglected. It certainly saved Netflix's Marvel year, and Jon Bernthal - who many saw as the highlight of Daredevil's second season - is as magnetic as ever, turning in a performance that builds upon his debut and further solidifies Frank Castle's presence in the MCU going forward.

It's just a brilliantly made, brilliantly shot series - one that yes, has its flaws, but also one that packs a mighty wallop in its final third. It's a tense, thrilling show, and a series that roots itself in the character's best work. The resulting product gives us a series that not only die hard fans of the character are sure to appreciate, but one that newer viewers will as well, irrespective of its somewhat convoluted conspiracy, slow start, or its bungling of America's gun-debate.

It might not be Daredevil or Jessica Jones, but Frank Castle's solo series debut is the best comic book series we've gotten this year, and a fine return for Marvel on Netflix at that.

What were your favourite comic book TV series of the year? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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