Ranking Every Upcoming Spider-Man Film Spin-Off Worst To Best

Which of Sony's Marvel films will ACTUALLY work?

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Dread it, run from it, Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters still arrives.

After the major financial success of Venom, Sony are staying the course and bringing almost a dozen more characters to SUMC, the unfortunately-labelled acronym given to their series of Spider-Man spin-offs. After some restructuring earlier in the year - ostensibly to avoid stepping on the MCU's toes - Sony now have a clear schedule in mind for their features, with a sequel to Venom nigh-on guaranteed, and other Spider-Man villains inevitably set to star at some point or another.

Is all of this frustrating? Absolutely - but there's little chance of it stopping now, even if the vast majority of characters Sony are looking to spotlight would fit better into the MCU, and would probably star in better projects as a result. Throw in a legion of web-heads vexed by the prospect of Tom Holland never linking up with iconic Spidey characters under Sony's remit, and it's clear the series doesn't have a lot of good faith to go on.

A Venom spin-off makes a great deal of sense, but out of all the upcoming Sony spin-offs, which sound good, and which are destined to crash?

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